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    March 2020

    Egadz Street Outreach's Current Program Abilities

    To all of our clients,

    We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this confusing time. As of today, our Outreach won’t be able to have face to face contact with anyone as we are trying to following the government restrictions, but we still want to be able to support you.
    If you are needing:
    -Food packs
    -Hygiene items
    -Baby Supplies
    These items are available to everyone, Monday - Friday. We ask that you please try and stick to our 10-14 day policy on receiving these items so we can continue to help those in need. 
    Please call the Centre from Monday-Friday 9am-9pm @ (306)931-6644 if you are able to pick up.
    If you need them delivered, call Outreach Monday - Friday @ (306)221-3719 from 1pm-9pm.
    Steet Outreach will not be handing out food on 20th Street. If you are still needing sandwiches and fruit dropped off, please contact Outreach between 1pm - 9pm and we will come and leave it on your door step (or wherever you happen to be).
    Please make sure if you are needing someone to talk to during this time, to call or message us on FB. We are thinking of all of you during this ❤️

    Please share this with your friends and family so everyone knows.

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    • Posted On: 17.04.2020
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    • Posted By: Sarah P

    I have been interested in how I can volunteer my time as being a woman who worked the street for years and quit was wondering how and would like to help in some way to share my story either to John school anything of bad dates lifestyle before and after street working anyways am interested in notices of events I can attend to heal also Thanks