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    March 2020

    NA and AA Online Resources

    Addicion is a battle every day, we can only imagine the struggle many of you are facing during this time when so many of your supports aren't there and your safe spaces are closed. If you find yourself struggling through this time and feel like you want some information or resources around NA and AA meetings, please search through the links below.


    We have complied a list of resources such as online NA and AA meetings, support groups and other helpful tools. 


    1. Saskatoon and District AA Intergroup and Central Office



    2. Online Intergroup Alcoholics Anonymous



    3. AAGRAPEVINE: The International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous



    4. Central Saskatchewan Area of Narcotics Anonymous Online Meetings



    5. 12Step.org – All 12 Step Groups



    6. NA Recovery: Addicts helping Addicts Recover


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