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    January 2018

    Nine child victims (between two and nine years old) rescued in the Philippines as part of continued ICE investigation

    What is the Internet Child Exploitation Unit?

    As one ICE investigator explained their job: "We deal with the "stuff" that everyone wishes wasn't occurring over the Internet - Child Luring, Child Pornography, and Arranging to Commit Sexual Offences against innocent children. We travel to the dark corners of the Internet so ensure the safety of children online and in the real world and to hold those responsible for offences against children accountable."

    What is an example of the work ICE does?

    In February 2017 an ICE investigation began that resulted in a 27-year-old male being charged with multiple child pornography related offences. On November 14, the male was sentenced in Saskatoon court.

    Nine child victims (between two and nine years old) rescued in the Philippines as part of continued ICE investigation

    After charges were laid in the February investigation, Saskatchewan ICE investigators continued to work in collaboration with their partners at the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the International Justice Mission (IJM) to attempt to locate any potential victims overseas in the Philippines. On November 10, 2017 Saskatchewan ICE learned an adult female was arrested as a result of PNP, IJM and partner efforts in Northern Leyte Province, Municipality of MacArthur, in the Philippines.

    Nine children, seven girls and two boys, all between the ages of two and nine, were rescued as a result of this investigation and arrest.

    When asked about the moment he was notified of the success of the investigation, Cpl. Jared Clarke of Saskatchewan ICE said, "Honestly it brought tears to my eyes...Knowing that all the hard work and sacrifice has paid off and nine children have been rescued (so far) brings a sense of relief and accomplishment."

    Why are relationships with overseas/international agencies important to ICE?

    "The Internet has no borders and our investigations routinely have an international component to them. Having the relationships with agencies in those areas can pay huge dividends - which was demonstrated in this investigation. The thing I enjoy most about working in ICE is the dedication that all units (across the world) have to this type of work and common goal - saving child victims."

    http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/news/2017/nine-child-victims-two-and-nine-years-old-rescued-the-philippines-part-continued-ice November 14, 2017

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