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    August 2020

    Saskatoon man charged with allegedly confining two children, 8 and 9, at Blackstrap Provincial Park

    Tanner Didluck faces 10 charges

    A 24-year-old Saskatoon man is facing 10 charges relating to the alleged confinement and assault of two children, aged eight and nine, this week at Blackstrap Provincial Park.

    Tanner Didluck appeared by phone in Saskatoon provincial court Friday.


    The 10 charges were read into the record at court. They allege that Didluck confined the 9-year-old and seized the 8-year-old. It's alleged that he exposed his genitals to both and had observed them naked in the park shower.

    He's also charged with assault, resisting arrest, mischief, breaching probation and with smashing a telephone.

    This is all alleged to have happened Aug. 13.

    The prosecutor said that Didluck was on a conditional sentence at the time. It had been imposed July 21.

    Didluck returns to court Aug. 18.

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