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    July 2019

    Saskatoons Heat Response

    Due to the extreme heatwaves experienced in Saskatoon during the summer of 2018, community partners of the Cold Weather Strategy convened to implement a City-wide Heat Response. The Heat Response exists to ensure designated cooling spaces are in place for Saskatoon’s homeless population, greatly reducing their risk of heat exposure-related illnesses during the summer months. This strategy is designed to work with existing services to ensure situational awareness and promote coordinated effort so everyone has access to cooling areas during Saskatoon’s extreme hot temperatures from May 1 st to September 1st .


    Temperatures in Saskatoon are set to be above 30 degrees for multiple days this week again. When the Heat Response is in effect, Street Outreach will be driving around with water bottles to hand out, and will be able to transport people that are in need to get to cool-down places.  Below are a list of cool-down locations and agencies that assist with the Heat Response.


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