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    May 2018

    The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking


    The Centre is currently developing the infrastructure of its Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline, with a targeted launch in the Fall of 2018. The hotline will provide the following services:

    - crisis response to people being trafficked

    - referrals to social service providers and law enforcement (as requested)

    - tip receipt and reporting

    - general information provision

    - tools and resources to build community responses to trafficking

    The Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline will respond to all forms of human trafficking including both sex and labour trafficking. The hotline will provide assistance to and on behalf of minors, adults, males, females, transgender individuals, gender non-conforming individuals, citizens, permanent residents, and foreign nationals.

    The hotline will use a victim-centered approach to connect human trafficking victims and survivors with emergency, transition, and long-term supports and services. The hotline will act as a central response and referral mechanism, offering 24/7, multilingual access to a safe and confidential space to ask for help, connect to services, and, report tips.

    The hotline will also contribute to The Centre’s capacity to share knowledge, statistics, and resources  with a wider public, including civil society, policy-makers, and law enforcement.

    Collaborating with the anti-human trafficking and global hotline experts at Polaris in the United States, The Centre will adapt Polaris’ successful eradication-oriented model to the human trafficking circumstances in Canada:

    1. Responding to victims of trafficking effectively and immediately; and providing resources to survivors of trafficking and the public
    2. Equipping partners and civil society with the resources, data and knowledge needed to address and prevent trafficking
    3. Disrupting human trafficking networks through widespread, targeted campaigns

    The hotline is developing partnerships with front-line service providers and law enforcement across the country. This ongoing outreach will establish the response protocols necessary for ensuring robust, immediate assistance to hotline callers. As well, the partnering outreach will contribute to a National Referral Directory of fellow anti-trafficking organizations which are skilled and equipped to provide social service support to callers.


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