Violent Offenders

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April 2018

21:00 pm

Violent Offender

A middle aged man in a light beige truck with a metal storage container in the box of his truck picked up a female on 20th street. He is caucasion, tall and very slim, has balding hair and clean shaven. It is described that his truck had about a dozen air fresheners hanging from his mirrow, all ladies with bikini's on them.

At first he was very well mannered, but when discussion of prices came into the conversation he started to get very upset and began to argue. He was making threatening comments on how "no one would pay prices like those for someone like you" and "why would you think you are worth more?" and "you would be lucky to even have someone pay you for that". He also then threatened that he would kill her and no one would be able to find the body.

Once she got out of the van, the man proceeded to chase after her and yelling that "this wasn't over" and "he is going to find her" and "she is going to get what is coming to her"